DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing

These systems capture acoustic energy along the fiber optical cables functioning as linear sensors.

The fiber functions as if there were thousands of microphones installted.

Classification algorithms are used to detect and locate, for example, intrusion activities.

Special Features

- Detect hostile human or machinery;

- Detect people walking or crawling, vehicles, digging work or excavation of tunnels;

- Monitor over distances of up to 50 km from each laser source;

- No electronics at the sensor location;

- High-temperature performance -180° Celsius to +85° Celsius or -50° Celsius to +300° Celsius;

- Easy installation and low maintenance;

- High reliability and stability;

- No power supply needed: fully passive sensor.


- Unwanted interference in pipeline as well as leak or flow irregularities is possible;

- Roads, borders, perimeters can be monitored for unusual activity with the position (approximately 10 meters), speed and direction;

- Allow real-time information on the state of the oil well;

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