DSS - Distributed Strain Sensing

These systems are uninterrupted monitoring for stress and fatigue which make fiber optical cables functioning as linear sensors.

Where kilometers of concrete, steel or soil are to be monitored for early signs of failure, DSS is a powerful and highly efficient tool.

A high accuracy of temperature determination is achieved over great distances.

Special Features

- Spatial resolution down to 20 cm;

- Long range: up to 50 km;

- Measurement repeatability: < 2 με for strain and < 0.1°C for temperature;

- No electronics at the sensor location;

- High-temperature performance -180° Celsius to +85° Celsius or -50° Celsius to +300° Celsius;

- Easy installation and low maintenance;

- High reliability and stability;

- No power supply needed: fully passive sensor.


- Oil and gas production— Leakage and geohazard detection - continuous 24/7;

- Civil construction - Health monitoring from inside the structure - concrete, steel and earth;

- Power and Energy - Load optimization and condition monitoring - onshore and offshore;

- Mining - Surface and underground facilities - efficiency, work safety and environmental responsibility;

- Geotechnocal Engineering - Get the whole picture - dams, dikes, tunnels, landfills, embankments, slopes...;

- Research and Development - Science, enginerring and quality managent - a powerful tool for challenging tasks.

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