DTS - Distributed Temperature Sensing

These systems are optoelectronic devices which measure temperatures by means of fiber optical cables functioning as linear sensors.

Temperatures are recorded along the optical sensor cable, thus not at points, but as a continuous profile.

A high accuracy of temperature determination is achieved over great distances.

Special Features

- Usually, locate the temperature to a spatial resolution of 1 m with accuracy to within ±1°C at a resolution of 0.01°C;

- Long range: up to 50 km;

- No electronics at the sensor location;

- High-temperature performance -180° Celsius to +85° Celsius or -50° Celsius to +300° Celsius;

- Easy installation and low maintenance;

- High reliability and stability;

- No power supply needed: fully passive sensor.


- Oil and gas production—permanent downhole monitoring, coil tubing optical enabled deployed intervention systems, slickline optical cable deployed intervention systems;

- Power cable and transmission line monitoring;

- Fire detection in tunnels, industrial conveyor belts and special hazard buildings;

- Industrial induction furnace surveillance;

- Integrity of liquid natural gas (LNG) carriers and terminals;

- Leakage detection at dikes and dams;

- Temperature monitoring in plant and process engineering, including transmission pipelines;
- Storage tanks and vessels;
- Stream temperature;

- Groundwater source detection;
- Temperature profiles in a mine shaft and over lakes and glaciers;
- Deep rainforest ambient temperature at various foliage densities;
- Temperature profiles in an underground mine;

- Temperature profiles in ground loop heat exchangers.

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