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We work with APR Energy to deliver power fast for industries - when and where it is needed. We combine highly mobile technology with proprietary modular plant design and advanced engineering, logistics and installation capabilities to deploy, install and commission a large-scale power plant within days or weeks, not years.

We can offer the newest power generation fleet in the industry, including mobile gas turbine technology from GE, as well as diesel and natural gas reciprocating engine power modelus from Caterpillar.

- Bridging power - Utilities needed electricity while power facilities are being upgraded, built or replaced.

- Grid stability - Our turbine technology and distributed power solutions help optimize and stabilize our customers' grids, providing reliable power.

- Base load operation - The large-scale nature of our plants and reliability of our technology enable us to provide electricity on a continuous, 24/7 basis.

- Peaking power - The flexibility of our plants enables us to generate electricity on an 'as needed' basis during daily or seasonal peak demand, helling to alleviate blackouts.

-Distributed generation - Our mobile technology enables us to help customers with inadequarte or inefficient transmission lines by placing generation close to the point of consumption.

- Industrial generation - Our solutions provide power-intensive industries with reliable, dedicated electricity to support critical operations and avoid costly work outages.

- Supplemental power - The rapid power-up/power-down  capability of our turbines and reciprocating engines makes them an ideial partner to supplement hydropower and intermittent renewables such as wind and solar.

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