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Our company represents Brugg Cables which is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered sensing cable system solutions. These systems detect strain, temperature, acoustic / vibration, pressure, humidity and intrusion in interaction with light in optical fibers using Brillouin, Raman, Rayleigh or FBG methods.

We are offering a wide range of fiber optic sensing cables and accessories for distributed sensing, connecting cables and specialty fiber optic cables.

Brugg’s expertise and services are valuable tools to optimize results under difficult or harsh conditions and to protect critical assets.

In the oil and gas industry, fiber optic sensing cable solutionss are used for optimized production and integrity monitoring in risers, umbilicals and oil wells, and for subsea, reservoir and seismic monitoring. They are also used along pipelines, in refi neries and in LNG terminals.

  - Detection of leaks in pipelines and tanks;

  - Monitoring and supervision of temperature along ducts;

  - Monitoring the integrity of the pipeline infrastructure;s

  - Detection of theft in pipelines;

  - Intrusion Detection;

  - Measurement of fatigue, contortion, wear and tear on flexible cables.

Other applications can be developed to meet your demands.

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