Solar Lighting Tower with Wifi Security Cameras

This mobile tower adds great value to security of location where it is used.

You can illuminate the area and view live streaming on your phone (Android / iOS) or computer 24/7.

Special Features

- Simple operation;

- Quick Deployment;

- Control Remotely;

- No sound, no fuel, no power line - It is portable;

- WiFi access ovear a mile with high gain;

- 20 days video recorder;

- 50/100 hours of run time on single charge;

- 1300W solar panels charge batteries quicker than ever;

- 28,000 lumen of light helps lighting larger area;

- Shedule lighting with timer in control box.


- Construction;

- Mining;

- Law enforcement;

- Agricultural;

- Outdoor events;

- Community safety;

- Property management;

- Utility substation;

- Oil & Gas;

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