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Our company represents Jotron Group has evolved into one of the most respected names in the air traffic control and coastal communications sectors since the founding of Jotron AS in 1967.

Serving the world of airspace communication for over 30 years, Jotron now offers a state-of-the-art range of high performance VHF and UHF aeronautical band radios for both civil and military air traffic control purposes.

Designed to surpass today’s demanding standards for audio communications, the radios also incorporate the technology required for tomorrow’s demands for digital data transmission modes, including full voice over IP functionality. The range’s unique modular architecture offers the most compact radio system configuration possible, with increased reliability and simplified installation, inspection and maintenance.

Now established as the provider of choice for modern air traffic control systems, we offer both standard and tailor-made solutions, incorporating parts and accessories from blue chip suppliers, to the global market.

  - VHF AM Multimode Radio;

  - UHF AM Radio;

  - Ricochet Recorder;

  - Coastal Radio;

  - Power Amplifier;

  - Remote Systems;

  - Acessories.

  - Oslo Airport Gardermoen, All regional airports + Spitsberge - Svea Airport - Norway;

  - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - Netherlands;

  - Geneva Airport;

  - All international and domestic airports - Turkey;

  - UK Airports: Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol International;

  - USA Airports: Denver International, San Francisco International, San Marcos, Boca Raton;

  - Brazil Airports: Recorders for Guarulhos, Campinas, Santos Dumont, Confins e more 6 airport towers;
  - New Zealand Airports: Christchurch, Auckland International, Bournemouth;

  - Dubai Airport.

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